Parag0n Calls Out “Copycats”

His followers call them “Parag0n cosplay”


Courtesy: DM from @Parag0n
Courtesy: DM from @Parag0n

By definition, he didn’t copy. Was he inspired? Maybe. Probably.

Courtesy: @Parag0n

Your style.

Is trying to be cool cool?

Everyone can try. Only some people can be.

Why is rare cool?

It’s up to me to not buy what influencers wear, learn more about brands.

Wearing trends doesn’t automatically make you cool.

Why are your chains better than others?

Who’re you trying to impress?

When I enter a room, I know I’m the coolest one there. If you don’t know my fashion is superior, I’ll make you.


I want to destroy those who are super mainstream but think highly of themselves. Know your place.

The photo.

Is style original?

Are you the most stylish person in Singapore?

Courtesy (left to right): @730roller, @b.athing



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