Parag0n Calls Out “Copycats”

His followers call them “Parag0n cosplay”


I’m not taking sides. Last Eejin and I chatted, he surfaced outfit copycats. I requested for photos; he couldn’t find any. Recently, he reached out:

My instinct? Spot their sameness. Eejin continued:

Courtesy: DM from @Parag0n

I checked the “copycat”’s Instagram. Someone commented on the post:

By definition, he didn’t copy. Was he inspired? Maybe. Probably.

I censored him to make an example of Eejin’s concern, and to respect privacy. I also informed him I’d feature his outfit in my article. Again: I’m not taking sides. I did chat with Eejin in-person; his words are his.

Your style.

Looks good. I like to wear what people think is cool, when people stare. It’s not always loud, but it says something. I like buying things that are rare, have history, if-you-know-you-know. It’s confidence. Two people can wear the same outfit, both will pull it off differently.

Is trying to be cool cool?

Everyone can try. Only some people can be.

When A$AP Rocky performed at Marquee, it was easy to tell who were trying hard. If you really like him, you wouldn’t brag how much you listen to him, or be quick to call out fake fans.

Sometimes I include subtle nods to my outfits, but they speak for themselves. I don’t actively flex my money.

People wear one expensive thing with an outfit that doesn’t go with it, they just want to show off.

Why is rare cool?

Yes, it starts from the people who’ve worn them. But I’ve developed a taste for them. Archive pieces from big brands have more meaning. I enjoy wearing history.

It’s up to me to not buy what influencers wear, learn more about brands.

I used to buy Off White. It oddly introduced me to fashion, other brands like Yohji Yamamoto, Comme des Garçons. Many associate Comme with Play; I like the more artsy, historical spectrum of the brand. Even if I wear brands others consider “Hypebeast,” I pull them off, and it shows I’m better than them.

Wearing trends doesn’t automatically make you cool.

Why are your chains better than others?

Mine are weirder, I don’t like to stack them. I think about them. I’m not going to shit on others’ style, but some wear 10 million chains, from short to long, around their neck and on their pants.

Who’re you trying to impress?

Myself. It’s dominance.

When I enter a room, I know I’m the coolest one there. If you don’t know my fashion is superior, I’ll make you.

I’m self-aware. I don’t take myself seriously. I’m just fucking around.


For me to show my creativity. People see me as “that obnoxious boy with braids with a bunch of expensive shit.” I don’t think I flex; I just wear. Once I discovered my style, I set out to influence it. People have asked where I shop, for how much.

I want to destroy those who are super mainstream but think highly of themselves. Know your place.

The photo.

People sent it to me. Someone even sent other examples of him copying. It’s annoying. He might have been inspired by something else, but there are too many coincidences. He once bought a custom t-shirt from me, resold it on Carousell.

Is style original?

Everyone’s influenced—that’s why I won’t say someone copied me unless I’m absolutely certain—but it’s up to me to morph it into my own. Simple-minded people will think I’m another-one-of.

Are you the most stylish person in Singapore?

Delvin (@730roller) from Youths in Balaclava and Hong Yi (@b.athing) have good style.