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Late last year, I posted a series of quotes from interviews I’d conducted over the past one and a half years on Instagram. Thank you so much for sharing and messaging me about your opinions; in particular, about my chat with “@b.athing”, who sometimes gets called “B-dot-A-thing”. HAHAHA!

Courtesy: @marcuzzzy, @b.athing

Some were fascinated and impressed by @b.athing’s style, others were offended by his use of phrase “Fashion is a responsibility”. Check out our first sit-down over a year ago where he said it. No surprise why it made it my “Top 10 Stories Of 2019” List.

We caught up over vegetarian (for him) and Milo Peng:

How to Fashion-Instagram.

Courtesy: @b.athing

I’ve a fake account to post pictures. If I post portrait/landscape shots of me, I need me to fit in the square on my grid [they get shrunk/stretched]. I’ve been lazier recently. There’s no point “influencing”, posting for others. It’s a collage for me to see how my style has evolved; if I get likes, better.

People who don’t know like to make use of the phrase, “Fashion has no rules”. To me, there are many.

For example, in punk culture, white [and red I believe] shoelaces on Doc Martens boots used to represent white power. I don’t really follow that rule; it was more sensitive then. Anyway, Doc Martens themselves now display shoes with white laces in-store. If I wore [he was wearing when we met] my vintage US fighter pilot jumpsuit in Japan, some people may not like it.

Pictures of me standing/those where I’m more visible will get more likes than me sitting/my back.

A cool username that people can remember.

My captions are mostly music lyrics, how I’m feeling while posting.

Used to not post any piece of clothing twice. Now I think I need to appreciate my wardrobe more. It’s sustainable too. I’ve been wearing my flannel shirt a lot recently. I can even post the same outfit twice, maybe in different ways.

“Fashion responsibility” is for the community. I hear people describe Singapore fashion in the 80s/90s where people would gather at Centrepoint [someone please fact-check] all dressed up. I hope Singapore can be like that again one day.

Trends to live.

Courtesy: @b.athing

Reuse, reduce, recycle. Support brands that don’t mass produce. Upcycle fashion is in trend. Don’t spoil market when you resell clothes.

Trends to die.

Courtesy: @b.athing
  1. Clout-chasing

I used to go to so many hip-hop events, it’s the easiest way to chase clout. I tried to like it. Paid money to cringe.

As long as there’s community around what you wear, they’ll always think your style is good. If you’re a Hypebeast, YPs* will comment: Good stuff, fire shit, crazy fit G, flying eagle emoji. Lousy people will tell other lousy people their style is good.

*YP: Young Punks. In this case, the ones who disguise themselves as Hypebeasts. They speak “Hip Hop English” and all of a sudden listen to rap because that is part of Hypebeast culture.

There’s no one new to be inspired by. Every event I go to, I see the same people. There are a lot of influencers I’m not inspired by. It’s tiring. It’s like when you have something in your head to buy but it doesn’t exist anywhere. I’ve been learning to sew, make stuff.

2. “Wrong”, bootleg vintage (Help me think of a better phrase)

Buy original. Be the best. If not, at least try to find a good reprint.

Singaporeans buy “vintage” from bundle sales, which mostly come from clothes Malaysians throw away.

3. Hype needs to evolve

Some sneakers are so exclusive because companies purposely produce 50 pairs of them. A pair can cost $15,000 on StockX, versus an (estimated) $1,500 Kapital handmade Boro jacket at retail. I’d value the jacket higher than the sneakers.

Don’t waste your money paying for brand over aesthetics. You end up dressing not as well.

People don’t dress well because they’re overpaying for stuff.

Think of the full outfit, not just sneakers. Accessories, hats, shades, etc. Today’s Hypebeasts mostly have combed-back, side-shaved hair. Why? Desk jobs!

Stop the “trying to show” mindset.

4. Influencers need to evolve, take responsibility

They need to dress better. Just because they’re sponsored something, doesn’t mean they must stoop down to them. The correct mindset should be: BECAUSE you’re getting sponsors, you shouldn’t dress typically.

I want to do a story on “What Fashion Instagrammers Wear At Home”. Let me know if you’re keen to help make it happen! DM an honest outfit of what you’d wear to buy food near your place on a weekend; description optional.

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