Congratulations Digital LASALLE Graduate Fashion Show 2020!

Update on life

I’m actually nervous to blog again I’ve put it off to Sunday 2AM when I promised myself I’d write this story “during the weekend”. So many things have happened since I last interviewed someone for this blog. But I’m going to resist listing everything that’s happened to pacify myself that…

From plain to straight-up answerable

As I was looking for a banner image for this story, I realised the series is “73 Question…”. Incidentally I couldn’t think of one more relevant to the topics addressed, but I did add a bonus question at the end of the 72 questions, so technically there are 73. …

Yes, I’m going to keep blogging and livestream-ing

I haven’t posted a story since mid-July and it’s been eating away at my conscience. 2020 has been a tumultuous year, and incidentally a time of many personal changes. I started out motivated, now I’m just desperate. But I promise: I haven’t been lazy. For those whose messages I’ve been…

What I’ve learnt from my professional and personal life

Courtesy: @marcuzzzy

Over the past 2 years (this blog officially turns 2 in August), I’ve interviewed over 100 entrepreneurial creatives and written over 100 profiles and opinion pieces. Since Covid-19 has forced us all into quarantine 2+ months ago, I’ve considered more thoughtfully the kinds of stories we need given the fashion/media…


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