Izzraimy chats Covid-19, GRAB delivery, Dior sneakers

Courtesy: @weareislandboys

Island Boys

M: How’s Island Boys?

I: Projects have started coming back in.

Covid-19 has been a slap to everyone’s faces. For 2 years, everyone was doing events, artistes were coming to Singapore. We were getting…

Congratulations Vogue Singapore!

Vogue Singapore launches today. Congratulations!

2020 has been largely fashion depraved. A lot has changed to the industry, and while it scrambles to find solutions to immediate and other…

With someone who’s worked with Dee Kosh

Read Part 1, read Part 2. This is one person’s opinion. Conversations are not endorsements. Due to sensitivity, please keep in mind “they said” can be different from “they meant”. This conversation happened on the 29 August 2020. Some details have been redacted to ensure the other party’s anonymity. P.S…

Congratulations Digital LASALLE Graduate Fashion Show 2020!

Update on life

I’m actually nervous to blog again I’ve put it off to Sunday 2AM when I promised myself I’d write this story “during the weekend”. So many things have happened since I last interviewed someone for this blog. But I’m going to resist listing everything that’s happened to pacify myself that…

From plain to straight-up answerable

As I was looking for a banner image for this story, I realised the series is “73 Question…”. Incidentally I couldn’t think of one more relevant to the topics addressed, but I did add a bonus question at the end of the 72 questions, so technically there are 73. …

Yes, I’m going to keep blogging and livestream-ing

I haven’t posted a story since mid-July and it’s been eating away at my conscience. 2020 has been a tumultuous year, and incidentally a time of many personal changes. I started out motivated, now I’m just desperate. But I promise: I haven’t been lazy. For those whose messages I’ve been…

Courtesy: @erwinshahastings

M: How did you discover fashion?

E: I drew, painted as a kid. Fashion illustrator Hayden Williams inspired me to draw human figures. Moved on to portraits. Got into dressing up. I studied fashion in ITE, graphic design in LASALLE.

A future we should all look to

I discovered the faintest idea of style as an awkward teenager, people-watching cool kids in school and on Tumblr wearing the same monochromatic (more grayscale) outfits: oversized hoodies, knee-ripped skinny jeans, Starbucks-barista Vans, a canvas bag of some art-hoe incarnation.

Through childish eyes, I reckoned that cool kids were somehow

What I’ve learnt from my professional and personal life

Courtesy: @marcuzzzy

Over the past 2 years (this blog officially turns 2 in August), I’ve interviewed over 100 entrepreneurial creatives and written over 100 profiles and opinion pieces. Since Covid-19 has forced us all into quarantine 2+ months ago, I’ve considered more thoughtfully the kinds of stories we need given the fashion/media…


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